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PMI Indianapolis is a full service real estate asset management company that provides professional property management and real estate brokerage services. We provide both residential and commercial property owners with the highest quality property management services using state-of-the-art technology to keep them informed of how their investments are doing in real time, while providing tenants of these properties real time access to maintenance requests and billing.

PMI Indianapolis is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent customer service by maximizing owner profitability while preserving their investment in real estate. At PMI Indianapolis, we make property management, manageable!

Our office is locally owned and independently operated. We are part of a larger franchise that has been perfecting and changing the property management industry for over 20 years. The experience PMI has gained worldwide... truly reflects within our service offerings on a local level.

The key to our success is not only providing prompt, friendly and professional services to our property owners and their tenants, but also understanding that your property is an important investment in your future as well as ours. We not only strive to increase the value of your asset over time, but we also help you set the maximum rent possible so each month you grow in your investment.

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Joseph Atha President

Contact for:

  • Strategic planning on your portfolio
  • Analyze a new purchase
  • Acquisitions

Phone: 317-719-3029 (X100) Email: Schedule a meeting:
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Matthew Ford Business Development Manager

Contact for:

  • New Clients
  • Client Onboarding

Phone: 317-207-4075 (x463) Email: Schedule a meeting:
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Jun Chan VP Operations & Owner Relations

Contact for:

  • General Owner Client concerns
  • Owner Statements

Phone: 317-649-2183 (X401) Email:
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Gina Smith Director of Short Term Rentals

Contact for:

  • Short Term Rentals

Phone: 317-660-1842 (x466) Email: Schedule a meeting:
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Scott Smith VP of Maintenance Services

Contact for:

  • Maintenance escalations

Phone: 317-779-1220 (ext 402) Email:
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Paul Seymour Project Manager

Contact for:

  • Turnover quotes
  • Make ready estimates

Phone: 317-748-1236 Email:
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Jamie Atha Office Manager

Contact for:

  • Evictions
  • Owner Client Utility Concerns
  • Invoicing and Vendor Payments
  • Rent Collection

Phone: 317-967-0239 (X400) Email:
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Pam Brown Managing Broker

Contact for:

  • Home Sales
  • Home Purchases
  • Tenant home buying assistance
  • Real Estate Agent needs

Phone: 317-852-2426 (X450) Email:
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Carmie Senior Operations Specialist
Phone: 317-824-9755 (X453) Email:
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Beth Operations Specialist
317-351-3225 (x459) Email:
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Sarrah Operations Specialist
Phone: 317-708-6750 (x462) Email:
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Angelo Senior Maintenance Coordinator
Phone: 317-296-7592 (X456) Email:
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John Leasing Coordinator
Phone: 317-509-3218 (X457) Email: