5 Bullet-Proof Commercial Property Marketing Strategies in 2024

5 Bullet-Proof Commercial Property Marketing Strategies in 2024

A twelve percent jump in the average rent has sparked a noticeable hesitation among those seeking commercial properties. But you shouldn't worry; you can overcome this hurdle with the right commercial property marketing strategies.

Quality marketing reaches more tenants and gets them excited about leasing, regardless of the price. However, it's easier said than done, and that's why we're here to help.

We'll share five tried-and-true commercial property marketing strategies for 2024. Each tactic is designed to help you attract the right tenants in Noblesville and, ultimately, increase your rental income. Let's dive in.

1. Putting Keywords In Your Listing

Online real estate is a battlefield, and to win, you'll need robust digital marketing strategies. That's why using the right keywords is paramount. For instance, phrases like "apartments for rent," "friendly neighborhood" or "newly renovated" carry significance in this industry.

Sprinkle common real estate keywords in every online post or listing. With them, potential buyers can find your posts more easily, placing your commercial property at their fingertips. Moreover, these keywords guide search engines to improve your online ranking.

2. 3D Virtual Tour

3D virtual tours attract tenants like bees to honey. Potential renters love the convenience of exploring a property from the comfort of their bedroom.

Starting is easier than it sounds. Contact a property management service, or even better, get software that allows you to create one yourself. You'll just have to capture the right angles and areas of your property.

3. Signage

On one hand, online ads boast convenience, reaching a wide audience in a short span. Then again, real-world signage is hands-on, showing your leasing activities up close and personal. Here's our advice: Use both to your advantage.

By aligning online and physical promotions, your properties catch the eye of tenants near and far. The goal is to boost your visibility as much as possible to avoid the off-season blues that come from an empty property.

4. Video Ads

With a video, prospects can visualize themselves in a space. They'll witness your property's best features in motion.

Creating a compelling video is easy. All you need is a camera that can record in 4K resolution; it helps you get the clearest shots possible. Highlight the fancy kitchen, the sunset view from the balcony, or the spacious living room.

5. Open Houses

Open houses are a chance for potential tenants to step into the world you're offering. They'll feel the vibe of the neighborhood, the sunlight in the kitchen, and the spaciousness of the living area firsthand.

It's also a great opportunity for you to meet prospective tenants. You can answer their queries in real-time, and dispel doubts as you show them around.

Commercial Property Marketing Strategies Just For You

By optimizing listings with keywords, embracing 3D virtual tours, and combining online and physical signage, you're bound to boost the visibility of your property. With more eyes on your listing, the perfect tenant will find you faster.

Even so, you'll find that tenant even sooner with the help of a property management company. Contact PMI Indianapolis for expert commercial property marketing strategies to fit your needs. We've been serving the Noblesville, Indiana area for over twenty years.