5 Valid Home Sharing Tips for Vacation Rentals in Noblesville, IN

5 Valid Home Sharing Tips for Vacation Rentals in Noblesville, IN

Do you want to learn how to survive living with your family this Christmas? Are you perhaps looking to make money off the unused rooms in your vacation home? Home-sharing is a timeless tradition, especially during festive seasons, but you must be prepared.

Having your home's population double can be a complex situation to navigate. It's often tough when it's family, and it can get downright strange when you live with strangers. That's why we're sharing our top five home-sharing tips to help you through the holiday season.

1. Set Ground Rules

Healthy house rules are a must-have, especially if the group has multiple different generations and different families. Rules and boundaries help everyone know what to expect and what's expected from them. This makes time together more pleasant and comfortable and is also a great management strategy if you want paying guests to leave good reviews or visit again.

2. Remove Precious Items or Stow Them Away

Stowing precious items away prevents them from breaking when there's a lot of activity in the house. It'll also make guests feel more welcome if the artwork is neutral and not wall-to-wall galleries of family portraits.

It would be best if you also considered the security risk. You may have a secure property, but not everyone lives the same way. You don't want to lose precious items if a visitor leaves a door open or doesn't understand the locks.

3. Manage the Kitchen Well

Scheduling mealtimes, planning meals in advance, and deciding who buys what are three practices that will make mealtimes less stressful. Eating together can also make it easier for the family to connect on vacation.

4. Pick the Right Place

The property you choose should almost be too big for your group. This way, everyone will have apple space, which reduces the chance of conflict.

Looking at off-season vs on-season prices during your planning might help your vacation budget better when looking for a bigger place. It's also good to think about how close the house is to any activities you want to do.

5. Pick the Right People

A holiday with extended family always feels better if you know, enjoy, and trust them deeply. If you're considering sharing your vacation house with paying guests, it's essential to do a check, not unlike tenant screening.

This process will mainly involve a criminal background check and maybe a credit check to make sure they're financially sound. You might also want to conduct a questionnaire or Zoom interview to see if you and your guests will gel well.

Get the Best Home-Sharing Tips

Your vacation real estate investing strategy can include the house you're currently staying in if you can iron out the details of home-sharing. Basic house rules, securing personal items, and having a great kitchen plan go a long way toward making home sharing easy. However, picking the right place and people are also make-or-break decisions.

If you're looking for more home-sharing tips that will improve your renter experience (or that of someone else), contact PMI Indianapolis today. We can use our wealth of real estate experience to make your vacations a dream.